Mundane Monday Musings

Have you ever seen that show "How It's Made" on the Discovery Channel? If not, they basically show how things are made from start to finish, anything from aluminum baseball bats to tubas to clock radios to candy bars. It's not the greatest show ever, but when I'm trying to fall asleep and channel surfing, whenever I come across the show, I usually watch it.

Until now.

Last night they showed how hot dogs are made. Now I've read The Jungle and have friends who refer to dogs as "lips and assholes," but never until last night was I utterly disgusted by the thought of eating hot dogs.

* * * * *

About a month ago, I came across a new singer/songwriter named Justin Nozuka. I gobbled up all his songs on iTunes and found a few B-sides and rarities online. I even told you all about him over three weeks ago.

Last night on Sophie 104.3 I heard his single "After Tonight" and I was excited. Then this morning, on VH1, the video of the same song was aired as part of a "you oughta know" segment.

Jump on board folks...I ain't mad atcha.

* * * * *

Man, did I need that break yesterday. Even though I worked from 5 AM til 11 AM then again from 6 PM til 9 PM, the five hours I spent with my Dad at the Padres-D'Backs game and lunch was AWESOME. Picked up the tickets at "Player's VIP Will Call", got to sit in the shade during a 90+ degree day, had Paul DePodesta sit with us for the first four innings (to which we spoke strictly hardcore scouting, player development, personnel move and front office strategies...yes, I was in heaven), then grubbed on some Cheesecake Factory afterwards.

A perfect day.

* * * * *

I came up empty on my Charger Draft prediction. When Detroit took Cherilus at #17, draft guru Mel Kiper Jr. panned the picked on ESPN, saying that pick was a reach and that "Cherilus would have lasted about 10 more spots." Hmm, Detroit picked at 17...add 10...gives you 27....Chargers drafted what position? Oh yeah, 27!

I thought my Bolts would go O-Line or defensive back and they proved me right on the latter. I was surprised Cason was still around and I'm stoked they got him. He's already a big upgrade over Drayton Florence. My guess of Brandon Flowers going to San Diego was wrong, but he was the very next DB taken after Cason.

I'm super stoked about getting LSU's Hester in the 3rd round.