I got a raise!!

Straight cash, homie!

Had a nice phone call with the Regional Director yesterday, which ended with him giving me a raise.

It's allllll coming together . . .


"Go the distance."

Had to fill up the ol' gas tank late last night as the pump icon was brightly lit for the entire day.

Significance, you ask?

I last filled my tank in San Jose on Tuesday afternoon. That was 406.3 miles ago! Woo hoo! If I got 220 miles on a tank from my truck, I was doing cartwheels in the parking lot of Arco. 400 miles?!

As Borat would say, "Niiice!"


All about balance

Took two days off (well, it's rare I take two days off during the week, let alone two in a row, so this felt more like a mini vacation rather than a weekend) on Monday and Tuesday and spent it up in the Bay Area. I visited and stayed with my bud Adam and his wife in San Jose and spent the two days following my cousin and his college golf team in Santa Cruz. It was a great two days.

Today I'm playing in a golf tournament and really looking forward to it.

Work is going much better now that I'm balancing my workload with taking days off. It's all about balance and moderation, right?


An open letter to my three best friends and future brother-in-law:

Hey guys,

One of you is married, another is getting married this year and the other two of you are in serious relationships. Here's the thing: I like kids. Some I even love. I do love baseball. Combine the two and you get Little League, Pony Baseball, High School Baseball, etc.

What I'm getting at is you guys need to start having some male progeny (and no, Kory, you can't have a child with my sister.) I need y'all to start producing some Little Leaguers around that I can coach or at least help teach baseball to. I drove by a field yesterday and saw a baseball practice and had a feeling come over me like "Man, I really want to coach Little League."

So my plea to you guys is to begin to really think about starting families, namely athletic boys, preferably left-handed with good hand-eye coordination.




Monday Night at Largo

What a great night.

Spent the evening with my best friend (although it's that in jeopardy after I read his latest blog entry) at his favorite venue, had great food (the Baked Honey Chicken comes highly recommended), good libations, and watched some comedy from a mere ten feet away.

Oh, it was not just any comedy.

I met my future wife.

It's dark, I know. It was taken with minimal lighting and on a camera phone to boot. Of course, for all I know John (the man who captured this magical moment) could have sabotaged the photo just to spite me. (Kidding!) But regardless of the photo quality, you can tell three things without a doubt: It's me, it's Sarah Silverman and we're smiling.

The showcase was called "Sarah Silverman and Friends" and she mentioned a few times that her mom was in the audience (if you can call 80 people in great, tiny club an "audience".)

Anyway, I'm glad at this point of our relationship I'm finally meeting Sarah's family and friends. I'm convinced we're really onto something here.


Ha ha!

After weeks of Google and Blogger screwing me over by not allowing me to log in to post, I've finally broken through! I'm in! You can't hold a brotha down too long!!

Blogging will now resume. . .