Mr. Therapy Man

I really can't wait for this weekend. Sushi manana with a cool chick, a fun (although busy and stressful) day at work on Sunday (and yes, I'll be teaching), and I'm planning on treating myself to a really expensive haircut at one of those straight outta "GoodFellas" barbershops (it is in Little Italy) where they primp and pamper you with a great cut, warm towel on face, shaved with a straight blade, etc. Not only is the place by appointment only, but referral only! How cool is that?!

* * * * *

I recently stumbled across a little hidden gem of a musical artist. His name is Justin Nozuka and he's a 19-year-old Canadian acoustic uber-rocker. His music kicks major ass. He's a mix of Jason Mraz/Ray LaMontagne/Jack Johnson. He even got the approval from John, who I rely heavily on for all my musical choices and opinions.

Check out below "Mr. Therapy Man," one of the songs off his just-released debut album "Holly".

Also listen to "After Tonight," one of those songs you want to dedicate to your loved one...if you don't love this song, something is wrong with you!

* * * * *

And here are my Lyrics of the Week:

Through the water
And through the flames
My baby left me without a trace
She took my money
And left the ring
And she didn’t leave one clue of where she was going to

Oh my baby up and left me alone
She signed goodbye on the letter that she wrote
Oh my baby up and left me now
Mr. Therapy Man, I need to ask you how can I live on

How could she do it
Go break my heart when
She used to be the one crying when we were apart
I gave her all of me,
Gave her my soul
and that was exactly what she stole from me

-"Mr. Therapy Man" by Justin Nozuka