Run for it Marty!

Being de-friended by the ex-girlfriend on Facebook is just about as painful of a trivial thing you can imagine for us Gen-Xers.

Seeing photos of us vanish one-by-one from my shared album then having her completely cut off from me reminds me what it must have felt like for Marty McFly when his family photo started fading before his very eyes due to the possibility of his (and his siblings') existences coming into question.

My problem is I don't know how to play the guitar or own a DeLorean, so I'm pretty much screwed.


Blame It On The Goose

First time bloggin' via the BlackBerry, so bare with me (and my drunk comprehension of the English language...) (Post-blog posting drunk edit: Jeez la weez, I'm so friggin' anal...I re-read my post and wondered, is it "bare with me" or "bear with me" so I Goggled it...wouldn't ya know, it's "bear," not "bare." I'm leaving it as it for honesty's sake.)

I'm at my favorite San Diego gin joint, Dirty Birds (for all you in the LBC, think Riley's on 2nd Street)...love my boys who run the place (Adam, Johnny O and Leigh.) I headed there after a 13-hour work day and I drowned my sorrows with my Red Sox-brother-from-another-mother bartender, Walsh...three pitchers of Shock Top later and I close out my tab. What do I get in return? A blank receipt. Fucking bastards. Love you guys.

So I'm pretty hammered and I have my fantasy baseball draft tomorrow in the O.C. and I've done jack crap in research and I need to be moved out of my apartment by Sunday and have ZERO items packed...I'm a God damn mess.

If there is any silver lining, I did happen to get into some great text convos with an ex and with my 11th grade prom date (Thanks Anne and Danielle!!)...they said some pretty great stuff to boost my self-esteem. It's too bad I won't remember it in the morning.

Adios, mother f'ers. 'Bout to jump into a cab and see what O.B. has to offer tonight...

(Post-blog posting drunk edit #2: Why, oh why, did Dusty Springfield's "Son of a Preacher Man" have to come on the jukebox?!?!?)


Listen To The Music

Just got back from a great concert in Solana Beach: Justin Nozuka. It was my first time seeing Justin live, but I've been a big fan ever since I discovered his music. In fact, I recommended Justin on this very blog almost exactly a year ago (and again here.)

Ben Harper last night, Nozuka tonight...when I'm down, I like to get lost in good music. Last time I needed a pick-me-up like this, I went to four concerts and caught Travis (in their only '08 US appearance), Ozomatli, The English Beat and Years Around The Sun, all in about a month stretch. I have a few more tickets purchased for a few upcoming concerts (Mat Kearney & Keane, Greg Laswell) so I'm looking forward to some good tunes.


Put A Ring(tone) On It

You wanna know what's embarrassing?

When your BlackBerry rings during a regional General Manager's meeting.

You wanna know what's really embarrassing?

When Beyoncé's "Diva" is your current ringtone on your BlackBerry.

* * * * *

I'm off to LA to catch Ben Harper tonight on a taping for Late Night with Carson Daly. Should be sweet...


I Write Sins, Not Tragedies

Now I'm not going to air out any dirty laundry here...that's not how I roll and it's not fair to those who were involved. Any details will be between me and my future therapist. But to catch all you up since I stopped blogging last year, here's the quick update:

1. Boy re-meets Girl after 15 years apart.
2. Boy digs on Girl.
3. Girl digs on Boy.
4. Girl breaks up with Boyfriend.
5. Boy dates Girl.
6. Boy and Girl fall in love.
7. Ex-Boyfriend haunts Girl.
8. Girl gets feelings for Ex-Boyfriend.
9. Boy freaks out.
10. Boy and Girl break up.
11. Boy and Girl get back together.
12. Ex-Boyfriend still haunts Girl.
13. Girl freaks out.
14. Girl breaks up with Boy.
15. Still in love, Boy freaks out.



What kind of world do we live in in which Chris Brown goes Ike Turner on his girlfriend and she comes back a week later, yet I pour my heart and soul into a relationship and am nothing but supportive and loving and I'm left with nothing? Answer me that!

Well, there's at least this blog...


So Not Funny...

I love the irony of my last post before the blog went on a seven-month hiatus.

Oh so cruel...