I Write Sins, Not Tragedies

Now I'm not going to air out any dirty laundry here...that's not how I roll and it's not fair to those who were involved. Any details will be between me and my future therapist. But to catch all you up since I stopped blogging last year, here's the quick update:

1. Boy re-meets Girl after 15 years apart.
2. Boy digs on Girl.
3. Girl digs on Boy.
4. Girl breaks up with Boyfriend.
5. Boy dates Girl.
6. Boy and Girl fall in love.
7. Ex-Boyfriend haunts Girl.
8. Girl gets feelings for Ex-Boyfriend.
9. Boy freaks out.
10. Boy and Girl break up.
11. Boy and Girl get back together.
12. Ex-Boyfriend still haunts Girl.
13. Girl freaks out.
14. Girl breaks up with Boy.
15. Still in love, Boy freaks out.