Cardinal sinner

I had the distinguished honor today of talking with a Stanford graduate. At least that's what she'd had you believe...

To me it was more torturous than honorable. This girl mentioned the fact that she went to Stanford 7 times in the half hour we spoke. I counted. That's like once every 4 minutes...I think. I'd be more certain, if I went to Stanford myself, and knew how to divide stuff. They definitely teach them kinda fancy book learnin' things there...but what they clearly don't teach is "tact".

I can recall almost every instance in which she just happened to throw in the fact that she went to Stanford (which, let the record show, I think is a GREAT school and hell, if I graduated from Palo Alto, I'd bring it up too...just not in every other sentence):

1. "No, there were those four years at Stanford." - In response to my question, "Have you lived in San Diego your whole life?"

2. "Yeah, I couldn't get into the Giants or A's when I was up in the Bay while going to Stanford." - In response to my comment that I'd gone to the Padres game early this week.

4. "Can you hold on a sec? My roommate from Stanford is calling. I just want to make sure she made it home okay."

5. "Yeah, she's great. I really love seeing her. Stanford was so much fun with her. She's really brilliant." - In response to my questioning, "Did she make it home okay?"

There were two or three others just like that. I'm not kidding!


Adam G Partridge said...

What I hate even more than that is people who go to elite schools and don't refer to the school by name, but the town.
'Oh, I went to school in Cambridge or New Haven or Palo Alto.' THAT is pretentious.
Especially since they didn't have nearly as much fun as I did in my years in Westwood.