"Eh" to Z

So I was really going to take a night off from blogging, but on my way to a "The Hills" watch party tonight, I got a phone call from my friend who set me up with Kirsten.

And it goes a little something like this...(hit it!):

Me: Hey Ben! Tell me you read the blog today.
Ben: Nah, haven't been home yet. Why?
Me: Don't be mad...but I blogged about Kirsten.
Ben: Interesting, because I had lunch with her today. We talked about the date.
Me (pretending not to care): Oh really?
Ben: Yeah...
Me: Well, what'd she say?
Ben: "Eh."
Me: C'mon, tell me!
Ben: No, that's what she said. "Eh."
Me: What the fuck do you mean "Eh"?
Ben: Dude, I asked her "How did the date go? What'd you think of Joe?" and she said "Eh."
I've been called many things but up until then, I've never been Eh'd.

Then again, maybe she just didn't have an advanced enough vocabulary to describe me.


Patrick Diaz said...

So I retract my earlier statment...dont even give her a second thought...

Adam G Partridge said...

Maybe she meant 'A' like 'A+'

Joe said...

I like where your head is at, Partridge.

Conrad said...

"on my way to a "The Hills" watch party"...

from the bud light commercials:


Danielle said...

Maybe you scared her with your immense knowledge of the English language. Maybe she went home and looked up cynical, then realized she was an idiot. Maybe she was to scared to try to have an intelligent conversation, so she had to bash you before you bashed her.
Well, my friend...too late. I wish you could send her the blog, along with a dictionary for all of the "hard words". No loss there Joe.

becky said...

Had you invited her to your "the Hills" watch party, I bet you would have gotten a much more favorable review!