No Love Lost

Thanks to everyone who followed my wacky and amusing correspondence with "Lindsay," my latest eHarmony match. For the record, I knew something was up from that first email, but I couldn't help and try and turn this into a scam-baiting of epic proportions.

All of you who first learned of The Year of Joe during this past week, please continue to read my blog and leave comments...I love hearing what you all have to say! It's why I keep this damn thing going!

I'd like to close out this ordeal with one more email, one I received last Wednesday:

Dear eHarmony Friend,

As a past or present user of eHarmony.com, we want to inform you that one of your matches, lindsay from LOS ANGELES, has been removed from the eHarmony.com service. Consistent with eHarmony.com’s privacy policy, we do not disclose the reasons for lindsay's removal. eHarmony.com disclaims any responsibility or liability with respect to any continued involvement between you and any member whose account is closed by eHarmony.com.


Customer Care


Anonymous said...

I to recieved her emails but only a few days behind yours. Thanks for you postings. Reading them was like getting previews of what was going to happen next. I am glad you were able to report her as I tried with eharmony, but I was unable. I think it is pretty chicken shit of eharmony not expaining their reasons for dropping her. Everyone should have been informed. Thanks again Joe.