Babe Brackets

Okay, a few weeks ago in a posted called "March Madness," I promised to unveil a bracket-style tournament, much like the brackets most of you will be filling out in your offices come tomorrow. Well, this happened which postponed the event, but what's a better day to start this The Year of Joe event than Selection Sunday?

I'd like to introduce the Babe Brackets, a 33-women field of some of my favorite hotties, paired up against each other to determine the 2008 The Year of Joe Babe of the Year (or as you'll see in the media as "T.Y.O.J.B.O.T.Y.")

Instead of conferences, I've broken the field into categories that best group the girls. Just like the NCAAs aren't the best 65 teams in the country, these aren't my top 33 fantasy women. Tthere are some chicas left out of a certain category to make room for girls in another category. But hey, it's my blog and my favorite women, so I make the damn rules here!

Today I'm unveiling the field and next week we'll start the match-ups. Ultimately I will weigh the pros and cons of each woman to determine who moves on, but your comments and votes can (and will) sway me, so I hope you can all contribute in the comments section!

And awaaaaay we go!

The first "conference" is The Hotties, the only grouping with more than four women and clearly the deepest of all the groupings. Number #1 overall seed Gisele Bundchen leads the pack and is the obvious tournament favorite. Charlize Theron (#5 overall) has been ranked as high as #1 during her career. Rookie Megan Fox (#12) is young, brunette and hot -- my holy trinity -- and could make a deep run. Jamie Pressly (#13) is one of the rare blondes in the field and Kelly Rowland (#24) could string a few wins together.

The TV Stars are lead by femme fatales who cut their their on the silver screen. 7th Heaven's Jessica Biel (#4) and Lost's Evangeline Lilly (#8) are strong contenders. Emmanuelle Chriqui (#15) of Entourage has a very strong strength of schedule and The Office's Jenna Fischer (#25) is the sleeper pick of the tournament.

Reality TV Babes is a mix-match of contenders, but top-to-bottom, not very strong. The best is Adrianne Curry (#9) of America's Top Model/The Surreal Life/My Fair Brady. Survivor's Elizabeth Hasselbeck is dangerously cute and could surprise some people, as could sexpot Edyta Sliwinska (#26) of Dancing With The Stars. Jillian Lewis (#33) of last season's Project Runway will have to win a play-in game just to make the field.

The M.I.L.F.s are a veteran bunch and each woman, although over 40 years old, still has plenty game. #2 overall seed Elizabeth Hurley (42-years old) is a legit contender. The tournament committee shocked everyone by putting 38-year old Catherine Zeta-Jones (#10) into The M.I.L.F. group. Maura Tierney (#20, 43-years old) is a darkhorse and Sela Ward (#30, 51-years old!!) could have upset on her mind.

The Naughty Nerds is the most eclectic group and many you've never heard of but Kari Byron (#18), Morgan Webb (#21), Jade Raymond (#29) and Cali Lewis (#31) will try to make sure they are not forgotten at tourney's end.

What The Comedienne's lack in hottiness, they make up in sass and sharp wit. Sarah Silverman will no doubt be a controversal #3 overall selection, but she's got the game to back it up. Rounding up the bunch is super-sleeper Natasha Leggero (#16), mid-major Maya Rudolph (#22) and Lynne Koplitz (#32).

The Sexy Sportscasters have both looks and knowledge of sports, a deadly combination come tournament time. Erin Andrews is being tabbed by many to be a possible tournament champion, but she's also backed by Lindsay Soto (#17), Rachel Nichols (#27) and Colleen Dominguez (#28).

The final grouping to comprise the field are The Athletes, women who are sexy and pro athletes...what's there not to like? Maria Sharapova (#7) represents tennis and Rachel Wacholder (#23) is the lone volleyballer. Two golfers (Anna Rawson, #11, and Paula Creamer, #19) round out the field.

Check back next week to follow along the 2008 The Year of Joe Babe of the Year!


Conrad said...

I think Kumpart should have gotten you a subscription to Tigerbeat for Christmas.

Adam G Partridge said...

I think you have assured yourself an uptick an internet traffic. I had a link to a Jenny Finch picture (why she's not on the athlete bracket, we'll never know) years ago which still gets lots of hits.

Kory said...

No Halle Berry in the M.I.L.F. ? I dont know about this one.

Joe said...

Huge oversight, Kory, no doubt. This will be address in the off-season.

Many have asked why Jessica Alba didn't make the field...she's been banned from this year's postseason (for the infraction of "pregnancy".)

Anonymous said...

Bless your heart for recognizing the enigmatic hotness that is Maura Tierney. But a MILF? Don't you have to have kids to be in that category?