Site Tracking

I love checking my ShinyStat site tracker reports everyday...it shows how many visits I'm getting, projections for the week/month/year, what websites are linking to me, what countries I'm getting visits from, and my favorite report: which keywords people use to find my blog.

Just in February, people stumbled upon The Year of Joe by the following interesting, funny, and down-right odd website searches (click on phrase to see why my blog was attached to those keywords):

Actually, The Year of Joe has been found three times because of this famous Chris Farley bit! In addition, a search of "lay off man im starving" brought someone to here as well. What's really weird is the original post linked to above talked about interesting ShinyStat findings just like today's post! Cue Twilight Zone music...

Adam, you either are quite vain and searched yourself AND didn't tell us you had a Facebook page or someone is trying to hunt you down.

I'm glad someone else thought that scene was ridiculous (or so I hope.) Oh, and I could look at that Sarah Silverman photo all day long. Sigh...

The Google search of "bill belichick sweatshirt" has to be up there with classics like "paris hilton sextape", "dick in a box" and of course, "adam g. partridge facebook".

Hallelujah. Holy shit. Where's the Tylenol?

I can only imagine what that person thought when they came across my post.

Yippee, my favorite holiday is right around the corner! Seriously, I'd like to reprint what I originally posted:
Don't get me wrong. Would I have had someone to spend it with, I'd love the day. With my willingness to go all out and my spontaneous romantic creativity (yes, I have it, just no one to use it on), I would rock the shit out of Valentine's Day.

And ladies, you know this!
I'm def gonna have sushi again though, that's for damn sure.

Odd, but I recently put up that post so maybe that's why it got picked up.

Yes, yes she is. By the way, how freakin' awesome was the Lost season premiere last week? By the way #2, in the post linked above, I did a "favorite things" list. I was actually planning on doing another list this week. Cue Twilight Zone music...again.

"i will never forgive you for making us move to oakland"
This was a head-scratcher for sure. But I did the search myself and discovered I had posted that joke back in this blog's infancy. Must be a pretty popular joke for someone to Google search the punchline.


Adam G Partridge said...

I don't do face book or my space. It shouldn't be that hard to find me. Just google my name and my blog pops up.

Adam G Partridge said...

But I'll cop to being vain.

Conrad said...

Are you in for the Vegas draft?