Big Game Blogging

For fear I'd get sued by the NFL for using "Super Bowl" in my title, here's a couple quick random thoughts and links to check out while the Patriots and Captain America enjoy their 4th championship since 2001.

* * * * *

Whoever invented rain sucks!

I'll be stuck here at work during the game. Not that I had any big party to go to or was planning on drinking and pigging-out (grilled chicken and a protein shake for me, thanks!) but I can't even enjoy the game and commericals from the privacy of my own 20' x 20' studio...instead I'll be in wool trousers, a button-down shirt, Cole Haans and answering phones. Yay for me!

* * * * *

For all of you in a squares pool, check your squares and take a look at Doug Drinen's latest blog post at Pro-Football-Reference.com for your odds of winning.

* * * * *

This is my workout cap...

It was brand new (and white) in December...If you think the cap has seen a lot of change since joining the gym, you should see ME!

* * * * *

Predictions for today:

Pats 31, G-Men 20
Tom Brady named MVP

(Not really going out on a limb, I know.)

* * * * *

Thanks again to everyone for the kinds words, calls, texts and emails of support these last few days. It all meant so much and I can't believe how lucky I am to have great friends.


Adam G Partridge said...

I've recently rediscovered that you can actually throw your hat in the washing machine and it'll clean it without messing it up.

Joe said...

Where the hell have you been? Kumpart and I have been machine-washing our hats for YEARS!

I'm not cleaning the one I posted...I like the sweat! (Well, if it starts smelling, then I'll wash it!)

Papa Bear said...

A little overconfidence goes a long way, don't you think?