"The Year of Joe" continues!

You know how it is every year...you make goals, plans, resolutions -- give it a name -- around this time of year. A year ago I started this blog to track what I was intending to be a huge year for myself.

It got crazy busy at work early in the year and I had to abandon this darn thing, but with the New Year here and constant patronizing by my friends, I'm re-upping another year of "The Year of Joe", The Blog©.

My dear friend Conradical asked me today "The Year of Joe is officially over. How did it turn out?"

Well, Conrad, and my faithful readers, here's what I planned to do in 2007 and a recap of how it all turned out:

I invite all of you to join along while I search for a pay raise, a new apartment and a lady friend, among other things. I'm also in the process of getting a new car (how I came to this worth re-telling in a future post) and working on shrinking my waistline. As you can see, I've got a shit load on my plate this year, but I plan to make it all come to fruition, come hell or high water.
Pay raise? Check. (Also a promotion -- same title, mind you -- but at one of the most prestigous courses in our company and probably #2 or #3 in all of San Diego, regardless of management company.)

New apartment? Check. Sure, it's smaller than I had imagined ("Thanks what she said!") but it's your typical "Starter Bachelor Studio" and it IS only a stone's throw (or two) from work and in the middle of perfect Fashion Valley. So I got that going for me, which is nice...

A new lady friend? Negative. Thought I was close but it was really all wrong on so many levels. This remains on the list for '08 but remember, I'm not looking. Just waiting!

New car? Got it. Rollin' in da Honda...Special Edition, to boot!

Shrinking waistline? Still shrinking. I put on 10 pounds since June when I got the new job...it was a mix of not having time to cook, thus eating out a lot, and eating horrible (yet delish) food at work for lunch, like fries and shit like that. But I joined the Y just down the street from me right after Thanksgiving and I've shredded the 10 pounds and then some already. My new favorite thing? Hitting the bike at the gym...I'm currently doing 20 miles in the morning and night. Also incorporated some supplements into my diet for the first time, so I'll be looking forward to the upcomig changes.

All in all, it was a very, very good year! In addition to the goals I set out for myself, I also made some new friends, got a brother-in-law and was accepted into the PGA Program.

In case you were wondering, here's what I got planned for 2008, the NEW Year of Joe:

*Continue to get my weight down
*Pass Level I of the PGA Program
*Make progress at work, but not necessarily a new job or promotion
*Find a good catch, if you know what I mean
*Win a fantasy championship
*Visit Yankee Stadium before it closes
*Blog on this baby WAY more often than last year

As can see, I'm really planning on building on what was an awesome 2007 and take it to a whole new level. 2008, here I come!


j.h.k. said...

Please add to the list:

*Answer my friends phone calls or at least call them back within 48 hrs.

Conrad said...

I also need to get to Yankee Stadium before it closes? Can you say business trip?

Kory said...

Over/Under on when the next post will be? 7 days. I say over.

Adam G Partridge said...

I'll take the under. There will be about two or three posts in the next week and THEN the bottom will drop out when things get "crazy busy."
The dating portion of this blog has shades of Chuck Norris:
Joe does not sleep, he waits!

Becky said...

You better call me when you come to Yankee Stadium!

Anonymous said...

"win a fantasy championship" huh? Congrats... the winner of the years biggest fantasy... J-"Doesn't ever finish anything but 5th" Led! The whole league is proud of you!