Quote of the Year

Back in high school, my man The King had a journal in which he kept "Quotes of the Year," which were basically funny, odd or totally irrelevant quotes that he would hear at school or whatever. I think "What, you haven't seen pornographic skeletons?" and "I'll zap your balls gonads" were the winners at year's end.

Every now and then, I'll post what I believe is a worthy nomination for The Year of Joe Quote of the Year. Here is this year's first entry:

"Well, I'm going to buy both of them, so I think I'll try 'em both on."
--Kory Burroughs (when asked which shoe, the right or the left, he'd like to try on before buying.)


j.h.k. said...

something tells me cruiser is going to have more quotes than anyone. And the quote was "I'll zap your gonads."

Joe said...

Yeah, he just might.

You're so right about the "gonads"...I've edited it to let the record show the correct quote!

Kory said...

I was kind of forced into that one. It was almost as good as the hotdog story in spring training...
Kory- "One hotdog please."
Hotdog Guy- "Were out of hotdogs."
Kory- "???"..."What are those things behind you?"
Hotdog Guy- "Those are superdogs."
Kory- "Then can I get a superdog?"
Hotdog Guy- "Sure. You just got to be more specific."
I will never forget that one as long as I live.

Adam G Partridge said...