I've Got The Power (Point)

Took some time out of my schedule today to give a presentation at San Diego State University for their Business Administration school. The seminar was called "Leadership is a Choice" and it was a day full of presentations and workshops all about, you guessed it, leadership.

My presentation was my first crack at PowerPoint and I thought I did very well. I was given 55 minutes to speak and my plan was to speak for 30 minutes and have Q&A for the remaining time. However, I strayed a bit from my script and ended up taking almost 45 minutes, which was okay because there were only a few questions in the end, so I filled my entire allotted time. My presentation was titled "The Art of Direction: When Skill Isn't Enough" and the gist of it was that having a skilled and talented staff isn't enough, that being a successful manager means you sometimes need to give direction and recognize how to get people to do what you want.

It was kinda cool to be the youngest presenter (a Captain of the US Marines was probably 30 or so) and it was a great honor. Among the other presenters was a board member from Qualcomm, someone from Harrah's Rincon, the regional director of Subway, and the General Manager of the San Diego Wildcats (ABA team.) I love management and I love leading and being able to tell people my style and ideas on the topic is a real thrill.


Kory said...

If you could, or will, email me the power point. I would love to view it.

Adam G Partridge said...

That's awesome!

Conrad said...

I also would love to view it. How'd you get invited to do this? Pretty cool my friend.

Joe said...

Yeah, next time y'all are up, you can see it. It's too big of a file to email.

As for the invite, originally my RD was asked to speak, but he's in Hawaii for the week so sent over my name to the organizers and they got ahold of me and asked for me to speak.