Cram Session

Man, you ever lay your head on your pillow and just sigh and realize you put in one helluva day?

As I blog from my bed, I'm in that state...here was my schedule today:

*Woke up at 5:30, made breakfast and worked out (my new Power90 DVD) at home

*Showered and got to work at 7:00.

*Worked my ass off until the Charger game

*Still worked during the game but ducked in and out of the bar to catch some highlights

*Watched the entire 4th quarter

*Worked for two more hours then played 9 holes

*Went downtown for a homeless feed a friend invited me to

*Hit the gym, riding the bike for 22 miles

*Got home, made dinner and studied my PGA stuff for an hour




Adam G Partridge said...

Show me your lightning bolts!