Saving Silverman

Man, are you as excited for Stomp the Yard as I am?

I mean, I can't believe I'm actually going to work today instead of camping out at the theater to be there for the first showing. ('Cuz you know that shit's gonna sell out!)

I wonder if the working title was You Got Served: The College Years. By the way, if you never saw You Got Served, you must Netflix this gem. This movie is a 10-out-of-10 on the unintentional comedy scale.

For example, two characters makes extra money serving as a carriers for some local crime kingpin. What he carries, we don't know. Is it drugs? Money? Stolen Girl Scout cookies? We never know, much like the suitcase in Pulp Fiction. One fails to go on a carrier run, instead spending the day with the others' hot sister. So the other one does go on a run and is ambushed and jumped.

Cut to said character in the hospital all banged up. Because he's hurt and because his former homeboy was busy getting busy with his sister, he vows never to dance along side his friend. As you can imagine, this riff is the backbone of the film.

Well, at the end, both friends are involved in a dance showcase, but -- get this! -- they are against each other (yes, the tension can be cut with a knife.) Before the big dance-off though, the guy must rehab and get back into dancing shape. What follows is a classic high school film class-level montage of both dance crews practicing breakin' and poppin' and lockin'. The highlight is when once character for some reason practices dancing in the rain. Seriously.

You don't believe me?

Like I said, it's a GREAT flick.

Stomp the Yard has a lot to live up to, I'll tell you that.

* * * * *

Someone in yesterday's comments questioned my affection for Sarah Silverman.

First off, I think she's adorable as hell.

Extremely cute. Girl-next-door sexy. Am I wrong?

I know I previously said that I don't have a type, but I seem to favor girls with fair skin, dark hair and above-average height. I'm just gravitated towards girls who look like Sarah Silverman.

Secondly, she's got that great tom-boy, potty-mouth, burp-and-fart personality that only works for certain people.

I want a girl who:
  • will drop an "f-bomb" every now and then.
  • right in the middle of spooning, with start a random pillow fight and kick my ass once in while.
  • isn't high maintenance.
  • is as funny and witty as I am.
Miss Silverman meets all four requirements.

Lastly, any girl who is willing to date Jimmy Kimmel just might dig a guy like me. That's got to be worth something, right??


j.h.k. said...

You know how I know you're gay? You just said you want a "woman" who will randomly start a pillow fight. Admit it, you desperately want to make love to a schoolboy. I got no beef with S.S. (I used to love Helen Hunt remember), but there are some things that require clarification, I think. Everybody drops f-bombs. Does that really narrow the field? Maybe you are saying you are not interested in a Mormon girl. All women are high maintenance. A-L-L, the stain lifter that's ALL. Some more than others, but still ALL. Sarah Silverman is funnier than you.

j.h.k. said...

Yo. I am going to be selling my video camera soon. We've got one last chance to shoot that music video at Sorrento Palace.

Cody said...

First, to the gentleman who left the first comment: Helen Hunt is damn sexy. Second, to Joe: Sara Silverman is annoying as hell.

Kory said...

John says "You know how I know your gay..."?? This comming from a guy that had an iTunes playlist ready for the rain yesterday! Jesus.

Joe said...

I'm convinced anyone who doesn't share the same affection as I do for Sarah Silverman simply hates Jews.

God damn anti-Semite!

And that is a GREAT point, Kory.