An open letter to my three best friends and future brother-in-law:

Hey guys,

One of you is married, another is getting married this year and the other two of you are in serious relationships. Here's the thing: I like kids. Some I even love. I do love baseball. Combine the two and you get Little League, Pony Baseball, High School Baseball, etc.

What I'm getting at is you guys need to start having some male progeny (and no, Kory, you can't have a child with my sister.) I need y'all to start producing some Little Leaguers around that I can coach or at least help teach baseball to. I drove by a field yesterday and saw a baseball practice and had a feeling come over me like "Man, I really want to coach Little League."

So my plea to you guys is to begin to really think about starting families, namely athletic boys, preferably left-handed with good hand-eye coordination.




Adam G Partridge said...

I'll see if I can't get a Joseph William Partridge in the next year or so for you ol buddy.
Sadly this creating babies is not like 'create a player' on Madden or genetic engineering in Gattica. But I'll see if the little lady and I can't spit something out for you.

j.h.k. said...

Is that an official announcement of Adam and Myisha's intent to get pregnant?! Shouldn't this be announced on Kory's blog, "This Just In?"

I don't see why you need to coach our kids in order to coach. There's a lot of youts in need out there.

Scott said...

I'm with John, volunteer your time.

Joe said...

Thing is my P.O. says I should really stay away from strange children. I should only hang out with with ones which I know their parents.

Eight year olds, Dude.

Adam G Partridge said...

No John; that's not an official announcement, I've been fairly open about my desire to have kids as soon as I can after law school graduation and securing a job.

Lady Player said...

I dunno... I think you should just start attending Little League games and cheering on random players. Really scare the kids. Give them something to tell their therapists.

Becky said...

um, I'm pretty sure I used to sell licorice to you from the snack shack at long beach little league games. I was a bit of a little league whore during my young years. :)