Poker? I don't even know her!

Well, the Trial of the Century actually only lasted two days.

I'm done with jury duty as we learned today (after two hours of waiting in the hall) that the case will never reach trial and I'm about $20 richer for it (jury duty pays $15 per day starting on the second day, plus $0.34 per mile one way.)

Whenever people would complain about having to be on jury duty, I always shook my head for the selfishness these people displayed.

Now that I've served jury duty, I totally understand why these people have such ill-will towards jury duty.

I mean, I consider myself very patriotic, civicly-minded (just made up that word), and I cherish my rights and liberties afforded to me by this great country. But it's very easy to get wrapped up in the enigma of jury duty when it involves long hours, long commutes and missing work.

That said, one day I may need a jury to save me or put someone away that hurt me or a loved one and I hope that jury will be 100% committed to the job they are handed. And if I ever make it onto a jury that reaches trial, I will give 100% to uphold justice.

* * * * *

Played in my somewhat-monthly Hold 'Em game tonight and just like aways, I made it home with more than I showed up with. I'm nowhere near professional poker level, partly because a) I don't have a bankroll to back me and b) I'm way too conservative. But it's this conservative play that always keeps me in the black, especially at home games like these.

Mathematics, odds, psychology, chance . . . poker is such a great game.

* * * * *

I checked out some apartments today. I'm really looking forward to moving out. Hopefully I won't be in a 10' x 10' crawl space with a Murphy bed, bad plumbing, and soiled carpet.

* * * * *

I'm totally not a morning person, but when I'm up early (or out late), the smell of the cold air is just fantastic. It's clean, it's sharp, it's refreshing and I experienced it tonight when I was running along the water. The best I can describe it is "the stinging smell of cold" (not to be confused with "the stinking smell of my shoes" after I run.)

If I was a musician or a novelist, the line "the stinging smell of cold" would be a lyric or a descriptive passage. I love it that much.


Josh said...

You should come to Madison to enjoy the "stinging smell of really freaking cold" in the morning. I can guarantee it will be less pleasing, probably around the time you realize that you WISH your nose hurt because then you would at least be able to feel it.