Move over Larry Johnson

Saw two rather interesting links today on Yahoo!'s homepage under "In the News."

The first story was how "Dinosaurs, humans coexist in U.S. creation museum". Now, you throw me the topic of creationism and I just get all giddy. The article didn't leave me disappointed.

The $27 million project, which also includes a planetarium, a special-effects theater, nature trails and a small lake, is privately funded by people who believe the Bible's first book, Genesis, is literally true.

For them, a museum showing Christian schoolchildren and skeptics alike how the earth, animals, dinosaurs and humans were created in a six-day period about 6,000 years ago -- not over millions of years, as evolutionary science says -- is long overdue.
To borrow from comedian Lewis Black, "They are crazy. I can't be kind about this because these people are watching The Flintstones as if it were a documentary!"
"I think it shows (nonbelievers) the other side of things," said Carolyn Manto, 27, pausing in her work painting Ice Age figures for a display about caves in France.

"I don't think it's going to be forcing any viewpoint on them, but challenging them to think critically about their evolutionary views," said Manto, who studied classical sculpture before joining the museum.
"Think critically"? Are you serious? Creationism is one of many examples how some religious people just turn their minds off because they need to have "faith." If you believe in a God -- and trust me on this one -- he gave you a brain because he wants you to use it. There is no lack of faith implied just because you think. Thinking is not evil, people.

The second just-as-funny article simply read "More senior women stay fit playing hoops". Much to my delight, there was a photograph attached to the story.

The woman with the ball is Phyllis Huxfore, 78, of Des Moines, Iowa. I give her props for the throwback high socks -- although is it really throwback for her? -- but if I was a betting man, I'd say she's dead in the water by the looks of that back-court trap. She's a turnover waiting to happen.

If I'm ever in Des Moines, I'm looking up the ballin' grannies. I could take 'em. Maybe.

But seriously, the article is worth the read. Kinda cool what these blue hairs are doing.


Kory said...

I’m going to get my 2 cents in here before Adam and John jam the server's.
Is it just me or is this religion argument never going to end? Whoever came up with it I want to punch them right in the mouth. You got your Christian based fans going at it with the Muslim fans, the Muslim fans going at it with the Jewish fans, the Muslim fans fighting with themselves, and the atheist fan setting back telling everyone how stupid they are (and visa versa). Why in the world can’t everyone stop, pull their collective heads out of their asses and live?
Adam can’t eat a meal before praying over it (small example). I think that’s wonderful that his beliefs are apart of who he is. It gets him through his life as a good person, a successful student and a loving husband. Because of it I think I am a better person for growing up with him and being exposed to it. Its not for me though. Am I a bad person because of it? No, I’m not. And I will challenge anyone to defy me.
The post is about people that have faith in believing that the book of Genesis is real. Good for them. I support them. They have turned their faith into something positive, a place that if anyone wants to know more about their belief can go and educate themselves about it and make their decision if they want to adopt that faith. Joe did something in this blog that I can’t stand, but he has the right to do, and I support him in his right to do so, but he made it sound like these people’s beliefs are foolish simply because he dose not believe the same way. This is what I feel we need to stop in order to become a peaceful world. If you think different you’re an idiot.

Joe said...

Easy, Rod...

but he made it sound like these people’s beliefs are foolish simply because he dose not believe the same way.

Nooooo, that's not what I'm saying. I respect people's beliefs that are different mine because I have beliefs that differ from them and it'd be hypocritical to bash them.

If you don't bother me and don't cause problems for society as a whole, I have no problem with people's beliefs (generally speaking.)

As for me mocking the creationists, Kory, you're right and wrong about what I said. Yes, I "made it sound like these people’s beliefs are foolish", but it's not "simply because [I don't] believe the same way." Even a Christian like Adam knows how ridiculous it is to literally interpret and believe in The Book of Genesis.

If someone tells me the earth is flat, I should be able to bash them and make them sound foolish. Just because they have a belief doesn't mean it's right/plausible.

j.h.k. said...

I think you should change the name of this blog from "The Year of Joe" to "The Year of Atheism." It seems to be the predominant focus. Hey, I don't believe in the loch ness monster, but you don't hear me bragging about it all the time. Your mocking of religion is growing to Erstadian proportions. And Jesus Christ can most certainly hit a curveball (even off a lefty).

Adam G Partridge said...

First of all, dinosaurs never existed. (I thought carl 'jurassic' everett was infamous for this, not larry johnson)

Second, I wouldn't say it's ridiculous to believe the earth was made in seven days, it's just not really biblical in my opinion. The hebrew word transalted as 'day' in the king james version is best translated as 'period', so, there is nothing inconsistent in my view with believing that the world was created in seven periods, whose length according to how I read the bible could be millions of years. So yes, I think believing it happened in seven 24 hour periods is a little naive, not necessarily ridiculous. (there is a jack baur reference in there somewhere; how 'bout- It took God seven 24 hour periods to make the earth, it takes Jack Baur only one to save it.) In other words, if God really want to do it in 7 DAYS, and presumably God can do anything, than it could have happened, though it certainly opens a lot of questions unanswered.

Third, unlike John, I enjoy the discussion of athiesm and religion. In my opinion there is nothing more interesting to me or important than disucssing God's existence or non-existence. That being said, I agree with Kory that discussions like these can turn south quick and don't do anyone any favors. For example, like your man Sam Harris that you're reading is so venemous and lacks even a modicum of empathy for people of faith (the Nazi's committed the Holocaust because they thought it was God's will? Come one!) I think conversations like this can go smoothly if there is empathy as expressed by Kory.

Fourth, all four of us encompass every position on the religious spectrum and I love it. Joe (atheist), Kory (deist), John, (beleives in God), me (believes in God and thinks He expects certain, specific behavior). Despite this spectrum, all three of you are the most fantastic human beings I have ever known.

Joe said...

Right back at you, Adam.

Oh, and Larry Johnson = Grandma-ma (reference to second story.)

j.h.k. said...

Whoa whoa whoa...you guys are cool but let's not get carried away.