Lay off me, I'm starving!!

Checked the referrals for my blog and saw I had two interesting visits. One was from someone who Googled "compton jury duty." Go figure.

The other was someone in Sweden who stumbled upon visited my blog today. I've also received a visit from the UK and Canada as well. The Year of Joe has gone international, folks.

* * * * *

Stepped on the scale this morning and calculated that I'm back over the "50 pounds lost" plateau.

I'm droppin' it like it's hot.

* * * * *

Poll time!

Greatest karaoke song ever:

a) Bon Jovi, "Livin' On A Prayer"
b) Def Leppard, "Pour Some Sugar On Me"
c) Neil Diamond, "Sweet Caroline"
d) Steve Miller Band, "The Joker"
e) None of the above (please provide answer)

* * * * *

Spent most of the day today in Huntington Beach at a regional sales meeting. Got to know more about some of the GMs in the region during the conference and luncheon, as well as went over the expectations our Regional Director has for us in 2007. I was the only Assistant GM in attendance, so that's pretty cool.


j.h.k. said...

This karaoke question seems simple but there is no simple answer. It really depends on the crowd and the venue. Some crowds go nuts for "Summer Lovin'" whilst other more seasoned rooms will roll their eyes at such a karaoke cliche. In a vacuum, I guess I would have to say B, "Pour Some Sugar." Honorable mention to Bad Company's "Feel Like Makin' Love." If you ever have a Thursday off, you should come up here and come to Springbok with us. The karaoke guy there, Frankie D, is a legend!

Adam G Partridge said...

I can't help but think of my favorite karaoke experience; I was working at a place teaching English to Japanese business men and, at a Christmas party, sang to everyone's bewilderment, Baby Got Back. That was epic.

Joe said...

Very good answers, John.

I would have also accepted:

"Sweet Child of Mine" (Guns N Roses), "You Shook Me All Night Long" (AC/DC), "Don't Stop Believing" (Journey), and "Friends In Low Places" (Garth Brooks).

Josh said...

I think the correct answer is that there is NO good karaoke.