Jelly of the Month Club

Well, it was quite an eventful day at work.

First, we found out that our Regional Director is changing positions, leaving us with a brand new RD. Good news is that it's change and will add a new perspective to our region. Bad news is it's change and all the good rapport I had with the old RD (he was the one who hired me) is somewhat gone. Sure, he's still in the company and I can always use him as a reference and can always call him to pick his brain, but now there's someone else that I now have to impress. Not that I can't handle it. This is just the way the corporate world works.

Secondly, my GM and I found out we won't be getting our year-end bonuses. To achieve said bonus, you have to hit 95% of your bottom line plan for the year. We'd had only worked at our current facility for under seven months at years end but we still only reached 93% of the year's goal. To boot, we took over a property that was spiraling downward and in the six months since we started, we beat the prior six months by a whooping 22%. So the fact we ended up the year only missing the plan by 7 points is quite an accomplishment, but alas, not good enough. Oh well. It'll give us something to shoot for in '07.

Well, it's back to the grindstone tomorrow. As I've said before, our property is the beta testing for a pilot program to integrate tee sheets with a Point Of Sale system. If we can impress the company and prove it's a good move, the rest of the company will follow suit. Now that is super cool. The GM and I are headed up to the Corporate Offices tomorrow to meet our new RD as well as trying the new program out before we go live next week (which could be the longest week of my life.)


j.h.k. said...

Ya know, I think your region could benefit from a new perspective. In fact, I think the Board of Trustees have had their first true stroke of inspiration in some time.

Joe said...

Thank you, Kumpart. I'll take that at face value.

j.h.k. said...

I'd expect nothing less, sir.

Kory said...

Fuckin' suits, man.