He Busted His Balls Out There

Arizona Diamondback's catcher Chris Snyder landed on the 15-day disabled list today. Reason?

"Left testicular fracture".

Jesus, my boys downstairs hurt just from reading that!

What's with the ridiculously abnormal injuries this year in baseball?

Felix Pie (Chicago Cubs - OF): "twisted testicle"

Carlos Guillen (Detroit Tigers - 1B): "hemorrhoids"

Kaz Matsui (Houston Astros - 2B): "anal fissures"
What's wrong with just disclosing you sprained your ankle and taking a few days off for your balls or ass to heal up?


Adam G Partridge said...

what in the world is an anal fissures.

Joe said...

Something tells me you don't want to know the answer to that question.

Anonymous said...

You know fissures of the anus...It's science, you wouldn't understand.