The Long and Short (Shorts) of It

As much as I'm rooting for LeBron to just go buck wild in the playoffs and single-handedly win the Championship, I think a Lakers-Celtics final could just about be the best thing to happen to the NBA since they abandoned the Stockton nut-huggers.

Not only would it revive the rivalry (if only for one post-season), but I think it's a legit great match-up.

And as much of a Kobe Hater that I am, for crying out loud, give the guy the MVP already. (I'd vote, in order, Kobe-Paul-King James. Sure, Garnett and Duncan will get votes, but the three I previously mentioned are head and shoulders above the rest of the league in terms of Most Valuable.)

* * * * *

Speaking of playoffs, the first round of the NHL playoffs have been awesome. Ovechkin, Crosby and Co., Detroit (again), close games, playoff beards, etc...it's been great, just too bad no one is watching.

* * * * *

As much shit as I've given the eHarmony experience, the last two weeks have been spitting out winners like I've cracked a code on a Vegas slot machine. I've got 14 legit matches in my queue and I've gotten all the way to "open communication" with three of them. In fact, I'm going to meet each of the three women this week:

Tonight -- Megan, the six-foot (!) exotic beauty. I'm not gonna lie...when I saw the match sent to me on my BlackBerry, she looked like a tranny on my 2" screen. Boy, was I relieved when I check my eHarmony account on my laptop. I've never dated anyone like Megan (and by that, I mean a 24-year-old hottie who's profile is just about damn near perfect), so I'm nervous about this one.

Wednesday night -- Kristie, the social worker/5K enthusiast from Chicago. Our exchanges have been pretty good and we've seemed to hit it off, even if only through the power of email.

Saturday afternoon -- Lynn, the self-employed party planner. She loves football, chapstick and trying new restaurants...what's not to like? I'm pretty stoked about this match.

* * * * *

I check out my blog stats every night, just for the sheer interest in finding out how people stumbled onto The Year of Joe, what sites are linking to me and just where my readers are from. I feel like this is one of those corny "chance encounters" in the back of the San Diego Reader, but who is the dedicated The Year of Joe visitor who lives in Lake Mary, Florida? You read my blog everyday and I'm just dying to know who you are!


Adam G Partridge said...

You don't want to date a social worker Joe.