'Tis The (Baseball) Season


Walked into the bar at work today and what did I see on ESPN? Baseball! I couldn't care less that it was the Yankees...it was baseball!

Driving home from the gym I turned on sports talk radio and what were they talking about? Baseball!

Hell, I've even put aside all my reading (one work reading assignment, my nightly PGA studying and my current book of leisure) and cracked open a few baseball annuals to start working on my fantasy baseball spreadsheets.

As a self-proclaim baseball fanatic, I love this time of year and the following eight months.

* * * * *

The image above is taken from a photograph gallery by Don Hamerman. For more of his beautiful baseball photos, visit here.


j.h.k. said...

I call bullshit. If you actually loved baseball half as much as you like to say you do, you'd be coming to spring training with us. It's just that simple!