Strange Bruin

As if anyone cares, here's my '08 NCAA picks:

Final Four: North Carolina, Georgetown, UCLA, Stanford
Champion: UCLA over Georgetown

Notes: Butler over Tennessee to get into Sweet 16, USC in Sweet 16, Miami (FL) beats Texas for Sweet 16 berth, Drake bumps UConn for Sweet 16 appearance, Purdue beats Arizona (upset Duke round prior) and get into Elite 8, Georgia (14) over Xavier (3) in first round.

I know, I know...I took UCLA to win it all. It kills me. The only redeeming factor will be if I win the pool I'm in ($60 buy-in and as of 6:00 AM this morning, 239 signed up....you do the math!) (I also feel better that fellow UCLA-hater John has UCLA in the Championship Game.)

Quick non-expert commentary: Man, USC got jobbed. The six-seed they got was fair, in my opinion, but I think the NCAA Committee made an unfair decision to have USC (READ: "O.J. Mayo") face Kansas State (READ: "Michael Beasley".) Sure, the experts love the match-up and it'll be a great game to watch, but I think they got a bad beat to have to face a team that has possibly the Player of the Year and a team that was a top-20 team before the year started. Oh, and call me crazy, but I think this is the order of the top five best players on the court for that game: 1) OJ Mayo, 2) Bill Walker, 3) Michael Beasley, 4) Davon Jefferson, 5) Taj Gibson. Yeah, I said it...Bill Walker is better than Michael Beasley.

Okay, he's not better than Beasley...it's not even close. I'm trying to stir-up the pot!


Adam G Partridge said...

Before Walker tore his knee up last year, he was better than Mayo.