East Coasting

So my East Coast trip is all planned and I couldn't be more excited!

Here's the somewhat-detailed itinerary:

May 3rd
Leave Long Beach Airport on Saturday morning en route to Boston, Mass. Visit baseball blogger Sully and his wife, who in an another amazing case of "Good Lord, it's a small world!", I went to middle school with 2600 miles away. Insane!

May 4th
Spend Sunday morning having breakfast with Red Sox brass (including GM Theo Epstein), then take in the day game between Boston and Tampa Bay.

May 5th
A travel day. Will be spent driving from Boston to Mecca Cooperstown in upstate New York. Spend the rest of the evening at the Baseball Hall of Fame.

May 6th
Spend the ENTIRE day at Cooperstown!

May 7th
Wednesday will be another travel day, going from upstate New York to New York City itself. Catch the Yankee -Indians game that night and hopefully meet up with baseball bloggers Alex Belth and/or Darren Viola (aka Repoz).

May 8th
Off day. Explore the city and see a friend in Manhattan.

May 9th
Another ballgame, this time in Flushing to see the Mets take on the Cincinnati Reds. After the game, jump back on the highway and head south to the City of Brotherly Love.

May 10th
Spend the day in Philadelphia with Dave O'Brien , Auxiliary Associate Professor at Drexel University. Maybe get some golf in?

May 11th
Fly back home just in time to make a Mother's Day dinner with the family.

For all you keeping track, here's what the 9 days surrounding the trip look like:

San Diego -> Long Beach -> Boston -> Cooperstown -> New York City -> Philadelphia -> Long Beach -> San Diego

Phew! What a trip! I'm exhausted just planning it out!


Adam G Partridge said...

I guess you're going with your dad? Anyone else going with you?
And you now face the dilemma that pro golfers face; what exactly do you do on vacation? If you play golf on your vacation, aren't you "working"?
Make sure you take plenty of pictures. I especially want one of you mugging it up with Theo.