6% success.....or is it 94% failure?

It's been 25 days and eHarmony has sent me 134 matches. Of those 134, 9 women closed the match before I had a chance to either go further or close it out myself. That leaves 125 matches . From that ungodly amount of "matches", I closed 117 of them, which means there wasn't the slightest bit of attraction or interest on my part. That's leaves 8 women that I continued communication with and have been corresponding with. That's a success rate of 6%! 6 friggin' percent? I've never been the type to pick-up women at bars but if I tried, if there was a room o f100 women, I'm damn sure I could do better than get 6 phone numbers.

And of the 8, there's only two I've ended up reaching open communication with. So after three weeks, $59 and 134 matches, I have two email addresses. Are you serious?

So to commemorate my eHarmony one-month membership s00n ending, I wanted to show how one of my latest "matches" really took the cake. Here's a snippet from Laura from Laguna Niguel's profile (click on the image for a larger, clearer view and please note the answers I boxed in red):

Really? Personally, I would have waited until maybe Date #4 to reveal that kinda information. Hell, gotta hand it to her though...honesty is one of my Must Haves. It's just too bad (cock! balls!) genital warts (mother fuck! bitch!) and Tourette's (piss! shit!) aren't.

And I didn't even mention how she doesn't remember what the last book she enjoyed was about. WHERE DO THEY FIND THESE PEOPLE?!


Adam G Partridge said...

Who cares about percentages? Edison failed thousands of times before he invented the light bulb. But he only had to be right once.

Joe said...

And I, sir, am no Thomas Alva Edison.