43 Things (but a bitch ain't one)

I think this is pretty cool:

43 Things

Who hasn't ever filled out the proverbial "Things To Do Before I Die" list? I know I made one out during high school, which was something like 99 or 100 things. I stashed away the list in a desk and came across it a few years later, sometime around the age of 22 or 23, where I crossed off a few things, added a few and took off some ridiculous items. I'm really not sure were that list is now, but thanks to the above website, I have my list back!

I think you can make your list more than 43 things, but in the spirit of the website, I narrowed my list down to that exact number. I tried to remember my list from a few years ago and I think I did a pretty good job getting all the still-relevant biggies on that list.

I know I've done a few items since I last looked at my "To Do" list that I didn't need to include on my 43 Things, such as:

* brew own beer
* attend a championship parade (Went to the 2001 Laker parade)
* attend a BCS Bowl game (Went to the 2005 Texas-Michigan Rose Bowl)
* see the Red Sox play in Fenway
* visit the Grand Canyon
* swim with dolphins in Hawaii
* learn how to juggle
* go to a World Series game (the great Game 6 in 2002)
* have a cannoli from a New York deli (incidently, pretend to buy pot in Washington Square Park was NOT on the list)
* visit the top of Empire State Building
* get on the air of a radio talk show (I've made it onto Leo the Movie Guy show, Kevin and Bean, Hacksaw Hamilton's show, Jim Rome's show -- wasn't racked -- and Larry Elder show.)
* sit on jury duty (here and here)
* get a tattoo (honestly never thought I'd do it)
* sit at the Caeser's Palace sports book

Check out the link below to see what my current 43 Things are:


Whatta think? I'm pretty proud of my list, especially the fact that many of my "things" aren't shared by many other people. I like being original...it's that list that makes me me!

Anyway, I strongly urge you to create your own list. If you do, please post the link in the comment section for us to see!

Hat tip goes to Amanda for bringing the 43 Things website to my attention!


AJ said...

Especially dear, I thought, were #4 and #5. Go you.

#36 - really? Well, I won't argue.

Adam G Partridge said...

Great fun. I was surprised by how many things I've done on your list:
1)found (and married!) soul mate, 2) finished undergrad, law school in a couple of months, 15) learned another language (Japanese), 16) learned to drive stick (Cruiser taught me!), 17) spent Thanksgiving (and Christmas) at a homeless shelter (but not all day, lets not get crazy), 18) I've had several perfect New Year's kisses with previously mentioned soul mate, 24) grown a beard (but haven't you as well?) 27/28) check and check, 30) been to ground zero thrice, 41) been baptized.
As a side note, make sure you go streaking before you get baptized ;-)