My Date With The Homeless Chick

Ever since my car turned into Herbie and decided to open parts of it on it's own, resulting in ending up in the auto shop, I've been car-less for four weeks now. It's really affected my social life, as I've been pretty much stuck at home twittling my thumbs (and other body parts, but that's another blog entry for another day.)

Anywho, since I have no legit modes of getting around the city, I've presently halted my eHarmony matching capabilities. I mean, c'mon, "relies heavily on public transportation" isn't high on many women's preferences. And just when I thought I was going to take a little break from dating, I was set-up on a date last night with a girl through Boner, a mutual friend.

(Before we go any further, yes, his nickname is Boner...as in the character from "Growing Pains". I was introduced to him as "Boner" and yet to referred to him otherwise. His entry in my BlackBerry? Plain and simple "Boner." And if you can try and picture what kind of person goes by Boner...well, that's him. Anyway, Boner is the kind of guy who can set you up with either a really wacked-out girl or someone really cool, which makes sense given that he himself is wacked-out and really cool at the same time. I've seen the girls Boner associates with too. I think they are referred to as "hotties" in parts of the country. Maybe even "knockouts" or dare I suggest "drop dead gorgeous"? I don't know how a guy who gets introduced at social gatherings as "Boner Roback" has access to these women, but he does. And when he offers me a number, I take it...superficial bastard that I am.)

Anyway, Boner told this girl in advance that my car was out of commission currently but it didn't phase her and she told him if I call her, she'll pick me up. Nice!

Pick me up, she did. She had to fly out of town early today so she prefaced the date last night as "just dinner and drinks," which was totally cool with me. The date went really well, as a matter of fact, but my neurotic self did have a kinda weird gut feeling during this exchange over the harvest spring rolls:

Me: "So where do you live?"

Her: "I don't really live anywhere..."

Me: "What do you mean you don't 'live anywhere'?"

Her: "Well, I kinda stay with people, friends. Like now I'm staying with a friend in La Mesa right now."

Me: "I see."

Her: "I guess you could say I'm homeless."

Me: "Ummm, okay...do you have a shopping cart or something like that?"

Her: (laughs) "No. I'm really just in between places right now."

Me: "How long have you been looking?'

Her: "Six years."

Thanks a lot, Boner.


Anonymous said...

God I am in love with your blog! This comment would probably be more meaningful if I were single but either way...keep it up! Thanks for the daily laugh :)

Joe said...

What a tease...

Conrad said...

Wyatt Earp: "All they ever did was make fun of him"

Anonymous said...

Just think, somewhere in the world is a girl on her blog, posting "my date with the carless guy."

Joe said...

No doubt.

Conrad said...

HAHA touche