AGM in SD to GM in SB?

Santa Barbara Golf Club

So today I sent off my resume (and accompanying awesome cover letter) for the General Manager job at Santa Barbara Golf Club. Sure, I fall short in a few areas of their "ideal candidate" (degree in business administration or agronomy; specialization in turf management; seven years of responsible golf operations and maintenance experience; two years of supervisory and lead experience) but I still think my resume, the qualifications detailed in my cover letter and my impressive work references more than make up for it. I'll admit it, I'm a long-shot but my goal is to reach the interview process because not only could I charm the hell out of them, but I know my strengths would shine in an interview. They'd get to see my vision, passion and dare I say "upside" that would make me just the guy they want.

I've always said that I could see myself living in three metropolitan areas: Southern California, Phoenix and Vegas. Great weather, lots to do, west coast, fantastic for golf industry...Santa Barbara is pretty much the same as San Diego as far as I'm concerned, just smaller and a little more intimate. I spent my freshman year living in Santa Barbara, so it's not all that foreign to me and I'd love to return with something to prove!

How confident am I that I'll get an interview next month? Well, today I scheduled my next hair appointment two days before the interview dates and I plan on heading up to play the course within the next three weeks (pending I get my car back.)

Santa Barbara, here I come!