Save The Date!

According to eHarmony's "Marriage Calculator", the most likely date for my marriage (how the hell they come to this, I have no idea...at least they are using my money for something) is May 1, 2016. Go ahead...stop reading, pull out your BlackBerry or Franklin Covey and pencil that date in. No, seriously! I mean, this thing has to be beyond accurate, right?

Don't believe it? Check it out!

And hey, look at that! A 66% chance I'll end up married by the time I'm 65...not too shabby! Of course it's the same percentage of Americans who don't wash their hands or don't know the words to the National Anthem. So now that I think about it, it's really kinda sad.

Damn you Marriage Clock!


Adam G Partridge said...

The date may more may not be accurate but you have been pushing the snooze button on your marriage clock for too long.

j.h.k. said...

Marriage is a fool's game.