Sunday rumblings

Phew...that was close.

* * * * *

Was getting ready for work this morning at the Info-Hour (1 AM -5 AM) (sidenote #1: Downfall for being a manager in the golf industry is that when it rains, all salaried co-workers run the property and we only bring in hourly staff as needed...so since it was my GM's day off, I set my alarm this morning for 4:00 to see if it was raining. It was, so I had to open the shop and coordinate all the outside service and pro shop staff and contact the Superintendent and Food & Bev Manager to implement a labor action plan. And to boot, when it rains, we make no money, so my bonus is ultimately at stake! And I used to LOVE the rain!!) and saw an ad for the new (?) Oreck XL 21 vacuum. (sidenote #2: "Vacuum" is most def one of those words that just absolutely looks wrong when written out. And the more and more I look at it, the more and more foreign it gets to me.)

The selling point of the Oreck XL 21? "The Oreck XL 21 is so powerful, it has the same suction power as a Class Two hurricane!" Living in Southern California, I have no idea how powerful that actually is, but c'mon...does it really make sense to compare a household appliance to a natural disaster? "The TriMega Super Duper Soda Can Crusher is so powerful, it has the same force as six Malibu mudslides!"

* * * * *

I'm not ashamed to admit this...I rode 20 miles this morning at the gym listening solely (or maybe in this case, "souly") to a two-song loop on the iPod: Kanye's "Stronger" and Timberlake's " What Goes Around.../...Comes Around".