Quote of the Year #2

In comes our second entry into the The Year of Joe Quote of the Year (which, from this point on, will be referred to as TYoJQotY...an easy acronym to remember such a worthy award, don'tcha think?)

While sitting in the lobby of the local AMC, waiting for Theater 17 to be cleaned so we could check out 'Cloverfield', an odd fellow come over to me and my friend and pointed to Theater 18 and said "What is that movie about?" I had no idea what was showing next door, so I shrugged my shoulders and he said "Something about a girl moving?"

My friend chimed in with "Oh, 'How She Move'...it's a dance movie."

Weirdo: "What kind of dancing?"

Friend: "Hip hop."

"So a bunch of black kids moving around? Thrilling..."