Where I went super wrong . . .

1. Quarterbacks Peyton Manning (19-42, 273 yards, 2 TD, 2 INT) and Rex Grossman (16-38, 302 yards, 2 TD, 1 INT, 1 fumble) will have similar stats but it'll be Grossman's two turnovers that make him the goat. Manning's mistakes will come in the first half whereas Grossman will have a poor second half.

Well, I was off on both of their numbers, but I was right about Manning getting better as the game wore on. If you told me before the game that Grossman would have thrown for 165 yards and 2 INTs, I would have put all the money in the world on the Colts.

2. There won't be a single 100 yard rusher, but the two-headed tandems for each team (Addai and Rhodes: 162 yards, Thomas and Benson: 155 yards) will combine for over 150 yards apiece.

I was wrong that there wouldn't be a 100 yard rusher. However, Addai and Rhodes did have big days combining for 190 yards. I think if Benson wasn't hurt in the first quarter, the Bears would have rushed for over 150 total yards.

3. The biggest offensive stars will be each team's respective top wideout (Harrison: 141 yards, 1 TD and Muhammed: 110 yards, 2 TD).

Both receivers had mediocre games. It was Wayne and Berrian who were the go-to guys for Indy and Chicago.

4. The Colts will score on their opening drive but Chicago will hold them to only 10 points in the entire first half.

Wrong again. I don't think I'll be opening any palm reading shops any time soon.

5. Grossman's interception will be returned for a TD.

Ah ha! Got that one right!

6. Devin Hester will return a kick for a TD but it will be called back on a Chicago penalty.

I saw holding on his return, didn't you?

7. Adam Vinatieri will be the last player to score in the entire game and his kick will come with 3:00 left in the game.

Hey, he was the last one to score, however it was 3:00 into the 4th quarter.

Overall, the game was sloppy but it was fun to watch and some of the commercials were good too. I'm glad Indianapolis won and now Peyton got the monkey off his back.

Know what this means now?

10 days 'til pitchers and catchers!!


j.h.k. said...

You beat me to it! 10 DAYS EVERYBODY! WOOOOO! I thought this was the weakest year for Super Bowl commercials in quite a while...but Prince was good.

Adam G Partridge said...

Way to put it out there Joe; I had one prediction I made while talking about the game right before it started (I didn't write it down so it's not worth much) Peyton Manning would be named MVP but there would be someone else more deserving. I think Addai or Rhodes could have gotten it.

Joe said...

Yeah, the commercials were rather tame and/or tired. Was it just me or was every other commercial starring a talking animal?

Didn't watch Prince but I heard he rocked the house. "Game, Blouses."