Three decals I don't understand why people put on their cars:

1. "In loving memory of . . . "
If I ever go out early, please oh please don't memoralize me with a decal on the back of your 1994 Pontiac Firebird with the lifespan of my years on this earth. I never understood this phenomenon.

We all know what it's supposed to say. If you're so edgy to bash the President, then at least have the balls to put exactly what you mean. Bucking fitch.

3. The stick figure families
You've seen these. Blue stick figures representing the males in the family (and the only difference between the father and the son is that the father stick figure is bigger) and pink ones (that look just like the blue ones except for the curly hair and dress) for Mother and Daughter. I'm not sure why you want to let strangers on the road how many little daughters live at your house or if you're a single mom with four kids. What's even worse is when they have the stick figure dog.


Anonymous said...

I agree!! I espically think it is crazy to include each family members name on the bottom of the figures. Plus no one cares!

Office Peasant said...


It's so precious.

I could barf.

Adam G Partridge said...

child molestors care.

j.h.k. said...

"...have no fear, I'll still be posting everyday (which is my goal.)"

Shut your mouth, you dirty liar.