Who's The Boss?

My GM is going to be out of the office all week, attending seminars at the corporate offices.

Guess who's running the show this week, baby?

Of course, this is nothing new. I was basically acting-GM for a week stretch during my first month with the company when my boss was out of the state attending a family wedding.

It's a busy stretch of the month right now too, so it's a great chance to impress the Regional Director and the other GMs in the area.

* * * * *

February 7. New 'Lost'.

Oh snap.

* * * * *

Went kayaking over the weekend and made a pretty keen observation.

At one point on the water, there was a large flock of some water fowl, bobbing along. As I would get closer, three or four would take off, flying so low to the water that their wings flapped on the water. They flew only 50 feet away, just far enough so that I was no longer a threat. These first groups of birds flew away and made a cry.

Then I got closer to more of them and again, the same ritual. With the EXACT same bird call.

Again, I paddled and more birds flew, following the same flight and making the same noise.

Now I'm 100% convinced that these birds either can't communicate at all and just make some noise or all the birds were doing a dead-on impersonation of that first bird that moved out of my path.

Either way, it was rather interesting to watch.

* * * * *

Way to go, Peyton!!

* * * * *

Lyrics of the Week:

7 am
The garbage truck
Beeps as it backs up
And I start my day thinking about
What Ive thrown away
Could I push rewind?
All the credits strewn
In signifying the end
But I missed the best part
Could we please go back
To the start?

-Incubus, "11 am"