State of the Blog Address

One bad thing about coming home every night after 6 PM and having a healthier lifestyle is that I rarely get the chance to bust out my amateur culinary skills. I used to love to whip stuff up on a whim or try a new recipe I read about. I need to make enough money so I can have a cook and sushi chef on staff at all times.

* * * * *

On the topic of cooking, this I know is true:

Cooking for one sucks.

* * * * *

Passed up the opportunity to go to Hooters tonight for all-you-can-eat-wings. Twelve months ago I would have brought that place to its knees and would have created a mini-recession in the availability of wings in the Western Hemisphere.

Now I laugh off the offer, come home and have a salad then run for 45 minutes.

I like the new me.

* * * * *

A friend relayed to me an epiphany he had today during your typical 30 degree Wisconsin afternoon:

"People always say that giving birth is evidence that women can withstand pain better than men, but that **pointing to a girl in a short skirt and tall boots** is a much better example. And I thank God for giving women the gift to do both."

Josh, you are wise beyond your years.


Kory said...

I hope the "tall boots" were not Ugg's. John would be very upset.

Josh said...

More like form fitting boots that stop just below the knee.

Adam G Partridge said...

I lived in a few mountainous places in Japan where it dropped below freezing, and the Japanese school girls still wore those short skirts with those big 'ol socks.

Scott said...

If you had the sushi chef and cook on staff at all times, you still wouldn't get to "whip something up."
I usually cook for 4. One for me, and 3 for my lunches throughout the week.

j.h.k. said...

I have nothing against Uggs really. It does bother me when people wear them when it's raining (they ain't waterproof) or when it's 75 degrees out, but I got no beef with the look of them. That's Conrad.

I'm with Conrad, I cook for two and eat the leftovers later in the week. Why does cooking for one suck?

What does getting home after 6 have to do with not being able to cook? Doesn't everybody not named Kory get home after 6? Sheeeeit, last night I rolled in at 645 and grilled up a tri-tip with squash and onions, sucka! (Like Ric Flair) Woooooooooooooo!

Conrad said...

Unless you're a dancer, I don't think you should wear Uggs. Why? I don't know, it's just something I feel. Now in this case, it's with a short skirt. So to me, I could care less what type of shoes you're wearing, it all looks good.

Joe said...

Cooking for one sucks because there's no one else to enjoy in the experience. Maybe I should head over to Kory and Jen's after work and make something for the three of us!

As for not whipping something up with chefs on staff, this is true, but at least I'd be able to experience more than scrambled eggs, granola bars or salads.

Well, I get home between 6 and 7. Cooking takes 30 minutes. That's dangerously close to eating too late and cutting into my evening runs. It's a really fine line.

j.h.k. said...

Ah but if you truly love cooking, then you should enjoy it alone or with company. Relish the splendor that is Joe. Or, yeah, go cook for Cruiser.