Ridin' Dirty

Washed the car the other day and I'm convinced the Clear Coat Protectant cycle at the self-serve car wash is a scam. It's pretty genius, I admit it.

They put it at the end of the wash, so you have to put enough money in initially to make sure you have enough credits to get to it. Once you get to it, it's no coincidence that this cycle is the one that takes the longest. The water pressure is so weak, you spend most of your time trying to cover your vehicle in this alleged miracle solution. Then here's the kicker. The cycle before the Clear Coat is a rinse, to remove the superfluous soap. Once you pump in a few quarters for the Clear Coat, you are forced to rinse again! And this is no normal rinse. This is the special "Spot Free Rinse," which is just another punch to the gut.

Spot Free, my ass.

* * * * *

Speaking of cars, I had the TV on tonight in the background and heard my favorite actor, Kevin Spacey. I made my attention to the screen, only to discover he's the voice behind a Honda commercial.

I don't like it one bit. Kevin, you're better than that!

* * * * *

Last night I made huge strides (no pun intended) in my exercising. I ran non-stop for the longest distance in my adult life: 2.5 miles. Part of it is due to my improving conditioning.

The other part is due to my outlook on life. My motivation. My improved self-esteem.

Call it what you will, but I didn't think once of stopping until I reached my destination. A few times I thought to myself "Wow, I'm still running and it's been a while!" It's pretty cool!

Of course one of the side affects was that I think I suffered from lactic acidosis when I did stop running. ("Chest pains?" "Yes." "Shortness of breath?" "Yes." "Fatigue?" "Of course.")

Seriously though, it was a good pain. The sort of pain you quickly get over once you realize what you've accomplished.


j.h.k. said...

Of course the clear coat is a scam!! You fell for that? You're better than that! As Kory will confirm, the spot-free rinse is the real deal though. You probably just didn't get enough speed after. If you can hit about 60-65 for a few minutes after the spot-free, you're golden.

Adam G Partridge said...

The longest in your ADULT life? Run in a few pre-pubecent marathonds, did ya?

BTW: Totally unrelated to this post but: My life would be complete if Kory had a blog.

Adam G Partridge said...

Oh, btw, your album and your book are contradictions of each other. You can either listen to "Songs of Faith and Devotion" OR read "the End of Faith" but you can't do both.

Joe said...

Nice catch, Adam.